If you have an active business in your country, you can legally, significantly reduce the taxes you pay by registering a company in Bulgaria. By registering a company in Bulgaria you will be able to pay the lowest possible taxes in the European Union and at the same time have a European company that fully meets all legal requirements.


What Bulgaria can offer you is the following:

  • Annual profit tax 10% – The tax is fixed regardless of the amount of profit that your company declares;
  • 5% dividend tax – We have only an additional 5% dividend tax, through which you can distribute your profits and use the money for personal needs;
  • Social Insurance of the Manager – Each manager has an obligation to pay Social Insurance, but the mandatory amount per month is only 87 Euro.

Save Your Money

In many countries, many business owners are forced to pay very high taxes on the profits they make. If you want to save a large part of these taxes you can use a company registered in Bulgaria. To find out more about the service that we offer, do not hesitate to contact us from HERE.