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One-time Accounting Services

Outside of the scope of subscription accounting services, we also offer one-off services for individuals and companies from the SKODI. We strive to continuously expand our range of services so that we are as useful as possible to all our customers.

One-time accounting services for individuals

  • Preparation and submission of Annual Tax Return to individuals
  • Registration of a freelance profession in the Bulstat register (Unified Identification Code/Number (UIC))
  • Claiming and / or receiving:

    • Certificate of availability and lack of obligations;
    • Local resident tax certificate for tax purposes;
    • Certificate of earned income and taxes paid;
    • Certificate A1;
    • Certificate of Continuous Health Insurance Rights;
    • Other references and certificates issued by the NRA.

  • VAT registration of individuals
  • Preparation and submission of an Intrastat declaration to a person not carrying out an economic activity
  • Announcement of the annual financial report in the Commercial Register
  • Preparation of a labor contract and / or an additional agreement and notification to the NRA
  • Compilation of payroll, calculation of contributions, preparation of declarations No.1 and No.6 and filling in of payment orders for social security payments
  • Registration of a self-insured person at the NRA
  • Preparation of declarations №1 and №6 for self-insured persons
  • Preparation of payment orders
  • Preparation of the Internal Labor Code
  • Preparation of Internal Rules for the Structure and Organization of Wages
  • Drawing up a job description
  • Registration of a personal data administrator
  • Issuance of Certificates for lack of tax liabilities
  • Preparation and filing of declarations under the Local Taxes and Fees Act
  • Submission of Declarations and Notifications under Article 15 of the Law on Safe Working Conditions
  • Registration and re-registration with the Personal Data Protection Agency
  • Preparation of a patent declaration
  • Consultation and assistance in the purchase and sale of real estate

One-time accounting services for companies

  • Annual declarations and financial statements of non-operating companies
  • Registration of company – EOOD, Ltd.( Private Limited Company), ET(Sole proprietorship ), EAD(Sole Owner Joint Stock Company), KDA(Limited partnership with shares),KD(limited partnership)
  • Registration of change of circumstance
  • Purchase-sale of shares
  • Preparation and submission of a monthly VAT declaration to a company not carrying out an economic activity
  • Preparation of reports and reports to the NSI(National Statistical Institute) on the occasion of statistical sampling
  • Full assistance in negotiating with commercial banks in connection with lending
  • Registration under the Law on tax on added value
  • Drawing up an individual chart of accounts

For submitting and receiving some references and certificates a notarized power of attorney is required.

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