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The world of business is governed by information! In the 21st century, the recommendations of an experienced professional are the most secure way to protect the company. Timely financial and accounting counseling significantly reduces risks, allows you to choose the right strategy and provides full financial security. We at SKODI are ready to assist you in this task.

We provide our clients with expert support in all areas of the economy, offering only legitimate work algorithms and proven methods. Real professionals, years of experience, knowledge, flexible thinking, individual approach to solving tasks – we are ready to answer even the most intricate cases.

Help for your business – professional financial and accounting consultancy

Each year Bulgarian and European legislation is complemented by numerous new norms. Businesses are forced to consider all changes and adjustments. That’s why an experienced expert needs both novice entrepreneurs and large companies. Collaboration with SKODI is based on the principles of mutual trust, full responsibility and confidentiality.

Accounting consultations include

  • Preparation of financial justifications needed to obtain bank credits and financing programs.
  • Financial analysis of the company’s business.
  • Analysis of the financial and accounting status of the company.
  • Tax protection and participation in NRA inspections.
  • Consultations on labour and social security issues.
  • Providing the necessary information for updates and changes in trade, tax law, social and health insurance.
  • Filling in Annual Tax Returns of Individuals.
  • Registrations and re-registrations of companies – Ltd. and SMLLC (Single Member Limited Liability Company).
  • If needed, visits to the client’s office.
  • Registration of companies under Law on value added tax.
  • Consultancy and advice on accounting and tax legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Findings and recommendations for the company’s accounting and control system.

We, the SKODI specialists, work with the customer to solve any problems. You can seek advice personally, by e-mail or phone for our permanent partners. Our long experience allows us to find a way out of the most complex situations.

Financial – Accounting House SKODI is a guarantee for your financial well-being. Make the solution to the problems of the professionals!

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