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Registration of Company

Регистрация на нова фирма

Registration of a new company

We at Financial – Accounting House SKODI know very well that every beginning is difficult, we offer you a special offer for your start-up business. To realize the idea you have and to enter the entrepreneur world, the first thing you need is a working company to develop your business.

At this initial stage, every cost is important. If you manage to minimize them and carefully estimate each step you take, it is very likely that you will pass the most difficult initial moments and eventually succeed in realizing your dreams and turning your idea into a busy business.

What we are offering to you is absolutely FREE to register your business and thus to successfully launch your business. At the same time, we will be entirely up to you, providing you with additional free advice and tips to get the most out of your results.

Take advantage of our offer and get your free start to the business world!

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*The offer is valid upon signing a subscription service contract.