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Accounting Services


You want to receive professional accounting services, to not have any problems with fines and review institutions? You don`t want to hire a full-time accountant, pay insurance, invest money in training and buy professional software?

Take advantage of subscription accounting services from Financial – Accounting House SKODI, offering services both in Stara Zagora as well as all over the country. We will help you get what you need for your business and will meet all your requirements.

How does this service work?

The principle of the subscription service consists of providing the necessary services on a regular basis. Once you sign a contract and receive continuous support – we at SKODI will provide experienced professionals according to your accounting needs.

What Does Subscription Accounting Service Provide?

  • Development of an individual accounting policy for your company in line with its business sphere, as well as the requirements of the most up-to-date accounting regulations.
  • Develop an individual company chart of accounts.
  • Monthly preparation of reports and declarations in-line with the VAT Laws on INTRASTAT, VIES, as well as all other VAT returns.
  • Current monthly accounting of available primary documents as well as control over them. If it`s necessary, our specialists will give recommendations for their proper fitting and filling.
  • Preparation of the required payment documents for insurance, taxes and fees, including their submission by electronic means.
  • Preparation of the necessary declarations for all personal Income Taxes and the Law on Corporate Equivalent Taxation.
  • Calculation of current tax liabilities and financial result.
  • Preparation of interim financial statements for management purposes.
  • Preparation of inventory inventories.
  • Preparation of reports on the receivables and liabilities of your company by counterparties.
  • Preparation of accounting and tax depreciation plans.
  • Preparation of annual financial report , fully in line with national and international accounting standards.
  • Consultancy services on all matters relating to accounting and tax legislation, in particular on issues related to cost optimization and tax burden reduction.
  • Preparation of the annual tax return and all necessary appendices to it, calculation of the tax obligations and preparation of the respective payment documents.

How much will a subscription service cost your business?

  1. The cost of SKODI’s subscription service is determined in terms of the volume of work and the number of documents processed. The monthly fee will reflect the presence or absence of affiliates, the number of employees under labour and civil contracts, the duration of the working day and shift work, the number of cash registers, etc.
  2. The price of the service will also reflect your type activity: a sole trader or a legal person (with Bulgarian or foreign participation); specifics of the activity: construction, commercial companies, manufacturing enterprises and companies engaged in domestic or foreign trade transactions.
  3. The cost is also influenced by your tax system, the availability of VAT or not in transactions, the number of bank accounts, etc.
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Stable and conflict-free relationships with employees and the workforce are a key task for every business. Successful development is possible only under the conditions of legal certainty. That’s why we in SKODI have tried to make it easier for you to do this difficult task.

A well-designed system for staffing also determines the future of the company. Working relationships should only be formed by qualified professionals. This sphere of activity requires extreme precision and responsibility.

Our employees find the optimal schemes for keeping perfect documentation on the payroll and staffing issues fully tailored to the specifics of the company and its sector specificity

  • Preparation, registration and termination of employment contracts and additional agreements with them at the NRA.
  • Duly prepare all required records and documents relating to the remuneration of the staff.
  • Preparation of payment orders for taxes and social security.
  • Completion and drafting of labour books, certification of social security service.
  • Filling of payment orders to the budget and contractors.
  • Online banking.
  • Preparation of civil contracts.
  • Keeping of records.
  • Preparation of management contracts.
  • Preparation of all types of declarations for receiving benefits and benefits from State Social Insurance.
  • Preparation of all documents related to the use of paid and unpaid annual leave.
  • Preparation of certificates-Certificate of Insurance Income UP-2, UP-3.
  • Monthly submission of the information required by law to the NRA and NSSI(National Social Security Institute).
  • Issuing accounts for paid amounts, all necessary types of service notes and income certificates.